Some frequently asked questions and answers about Keypress.

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What is Keypress?

Keypress is a system for remotely locking and unlocking computers running OS X.
Keypress consists of two apps: a "controller" for your Mac and a "remote" for your iOS device. After downloading and running the Mac controller app, you will be able to lock and unlock the computer using the iOS remote app.

Is it free to use?

Yes! At this time you can download both the iOS remote and Mac controller app for free. When downloading the Mac app from Gumroad, you may set your donation amount to $0 which makes it completely free to download. Of course, if you find Keypress useful we appreciate your donations!

Why do I need to sign up for an account?

You need to sign up for an account to use Keypress because your account keeps track of all computers you have registered with us. We will never send spam or advertising emails to you - we ask for your email just in case you forget your account password.

What kind of devices support Keypress?

You will need a device running iOS 8 or newer to use the Keypress Remote and a computer running OS X Yosemite. We are thinking of expanding to more devices and operating systems in the future.

Does Keypress require Touch ID?

Although Keypress works best with Touch ID, you actually don't need it! Keypress will work just fine if you enter your Keypress account password in lieu of scanning your fingerprint.

Does Keypress use Bluetooth?

Keypress does not need to use Bluetooth for communications. The system operates securely over a standard internet connection, so as long as your iOS device and Mac have access to the internet (including over 4G LTE and similar technologies) you will be able to use Keypress. We are considering adding automatic Bluetooth handoff for close-range communications in the future.

How secure is Keypress?

Keypress is built first and foremost with your security in mind. No computer passwords are kept on our servers, and your account passwords are encrypted with bcrypt so that only hashes are stored. Device communications utilize a secret key system and every Keypress client-server interaction happens over 256-bit SSL.

What do you mean "lock and unlock"?

Locking your computer refers to putting the computer to sleep.
Unlocking means the computer effectively logs in for you, but this is not the same as waking the computer up. At this time, Apple has not made it possible for developers to wirelessly wake up a computer without very complicated workarounds.
If you're not at your computer and want to unlock it to let someone in, they will need to press a key on your computer to wake up the screen before Keypress can unlock it.

How does Keypress work with multiple computers?

Once you have an account, you will use it to log in on the Mac controller app. This associates the computer with your account, and you can control all the computers you have attached to your account using the iOS Remote app.

How do I use the Keypress Remote?

After installing and logging in to the Keypress Remote app, you will see a list of computers you have registered to your account.
From within the app, you are able to:

You can even lock and unlock computers directly from the Today View. Swipe down from the top of the screen, and if you have enabled Keypress Remote in Today View you will see a list of your computers along with lock/unlock buttons.

Keypress is not working!

If you've followed all our directions and Keypress doesn't seem to work or gives error messages, please send us an email at contact@keypressapp.com with as much detail as you can provide about the issue and what you've tried to do to fix it. Thanks!

I forgot my password!

You can reset your password with this form:

An email will be sent to you with further instructions.